Why Kiwis should stop over in Tobago

Tobago is situated in the south of the Caribbean Sea. The total area of Tobago is about 300 square kilometers that is located in land and the remaining portion consists of water. The total population of Tobago is about 54084 according to the cwnsus that was conducted in the year of 2000. The capital of this wonderful island is Scarborough whose population is around 17000. The land of Tobago consists of 7 parishes whose names are Saint Andrew, Saint George, Saint David, Saint Mary, Saint Paul, Saint John and Saint Patrick. Tobago is a very beautiful island that has a natural beauty which can not be seen in any other part of the world. There are large number of amazing rainforests, amazing historical places and beautiful beaches. A large number of New Zealanders really like to visit the beautiful island of Tobago to see this unique island only a brief trip from her partner island Trinidad.

Coco Reef

There are also very much fascinating and amazing restaurants in Tobago near the beautiful beaches. One of the most famous and largest hotels of Tobago is Coco Reef. This hotel is very much beautiful and amazing for its location, unique services and other outstanding facilities. This hotel is spread around 10 acres of wonderful tropical gardens. This place is suitable for those who want leisure, relaxation and enjoyment. The staff of this splendid hotel is really cooperative and friendly. That's why almost all New Zealanders and other foreigner who come here prefer to stay in this amazing hotel.

Famous for Fishing

Tobago Island is full of natural beauty and marine life. A large number of people come here to fulfill their dream of fishing. Especially during the season of fishing that begins from the month of October and finishes at the month of June. During this season, a huge rush of people comes here for fishing and it's really an amazing sight to watch. So many people try their luck to catch the fishes in this beautiful island. But people come here the whole year for the purpose of Coastal Fishing.

During the fishing season, there are also held many events related to the sport of fishing. These events also consist of the fishing of big fishes like whales, sharks and many others. These competitions are really thrilling and amazing to watch. There are also a many special grounds for the competitions of fishing in this beautiful island of Tobago. Large number of people from different part of the world comes here to participate in these fantastic fishing sports events. Like other foreigners, a large number of New Zealanders also come here to participate in these sports fishing events.

Tobago's Nylon Pool

The Nylon Pool of Tobago is one of the famous and most beautiful places of Tobago. This is so much famous for its wonderful location, greenery, atmosphere and amazing water. Special glass Boat trip is one of the amazing things to do in this beautiful Nylon Pool of Tobago. Through this boat trip, you can easily visit the whole Nylon Pool of Tobago. Large number of New Zealanders also come here to enjoy from this Nylon Pool of Tobago.